Aroma Diffuser Honey

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Ceramic nature-inspired ultrasonic diffuser.

The HONEY aroma diffuser is a timeless design inspired by the effortless beauty of nature. By accentuating the contrast of light and shadow, the dappled surface adds a unique flair to the diffuser. The neutral tone of the ceramic exterior makes it the perfect decorative addition to your home, alongside its diffusing properties.

Weight 1.24 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 22 cm
Aroma Diffuser Honey
  • disperse a cool, fragrant mist through a quiet, ultrasonic vibration mechanism
  • release the essential oil in its purest form for a natural and pleasant aroma
  • produce no heat, no flame or condensation
  • provide a safe and effective way to use essential oils for aromatherapy
  • Purifies and humidifies the air you breathe
  • 120mL water capacity
  • Up to 8 hours Continuous Diffusion
  • 3 level of mist volume control
  • Safe – Cool to touch and auto off when water run out
  • Timer and mist control: 60 mins continuous mist or 120 mins intermittent mist
Product Size: Approx. 98mm x 145mm
One year warranty included
Optional Gift Wrapping (please tick the “Gift Wrapping” box before placing your order when checking out, surcharge applies) Price excludes oils.
  1. Remove the diffuser cover and inner lid.
  2. Pour tap water into the water tank up to the maximum level indicated (120ml).
  3. Add a few drops of Acacia’s pure essential oils. See oil product information for recommended dosage.
  4. Replace inner lid and cover.
  5. Plug in the adaptor to a power source.
  6. Press the ON button and enjoy the aromatherapy mist.

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What is an ultrasonic diffuser and how does it work?

A diffuser is used to release essential oils into the air. An ultrasonic diffuser uses water and electricity to create vibrations (ultrasonic waves) releasing pure, essential oil molecules quickly into the air through a fine, cooling mist.

The ultrasonic diffuser does not use a direct or open flame like burners, so you can enjoy aromatherapy benefits in the comfort of your home or office. It’s a light, portable device which is simple and easy to use. Simply refill the water, add a few drops of oil and use over and over again.

Are your diffusers BPA-free?

Yes, our diffusers are made from BPA-free plastic. We use only safe and non-toxic materials for our aroma diffusers.

Is it safe to leave the diffuser unattended?

Yes. You can turn it on before you go to sleep and not have to worry about switching it off. Your diffuser will switch off automatically when the water level drops to a certain level.

Will I get the same strong aroma as that from a scented candle or air freshener?

The strength of the aroma will depend on size of your diffuser and room. If you’d like a stronger aroma, use more oil drops or use the diffuser in a smaller room.

Do your diffusers work like humidifiers?

Our diffusers only disperse a light, aromatic mist over a small area. While the functionality is similar to what a humidifier does, it cannot replace it.

How do I care for my diffuser?

Clean your diffuser every few days so that it works efficiently and to remove oil residue. Empty or replace the water in the reservoir daily to avoid mold. See here for more detailed instructions.

Can I run the diffuser without turning on the light function?

Yes. All our diffusers can be used without the light.


Cool Mist

Auto Shut


BPA Free

One Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Genevieve Ryan

Just received the Honey Diffuser and it is just beautiful! I wanted a diffuser that looked nice and didn’t stick out/look out of place on a table. It looks very sleek!
The controls are super easy and I like that it has different mist volume levels. I think this is a great option if you have it placed in a small or really large room.
Thoroughly enjoying it!

Ella Counsell

Aroma Diffuser Honey

Love my new diffuser!

Love my new diffuser! So cute and stylish, very unique look compared to some of the others on the market. Loses one star as it’s a little tricky to operate - having to press the on button 4 times to turn off is a little confusing! A part from that, very beautiful product.

Also got some essential oils with my purchase that smell amazing and are very high quality

Eliza Chen
Beautiful Gift Options!

This is such a great gift option! I have been looking for something nice, special, elegant.... then finally find this one. It's really nice and highly recommended! No matter for a gift or for personal use. Great value as well! The service of the company is also very good, they wraped the goods in such a beautiful package. What a wonderful shopping experience! I would highly recommend this shop! Keep coming back. :)

Your satisfaction is our no. 1 priority. We offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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