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Diffuser Jewellery Care

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how our diffuser jewellery works and how to best take care of your piece. So here’s some answers to the most commonly asked questions!

How do I use diffuser jewellery?
Simply place one drop of essential oil onto the cotton pad or lava bead.

How does it diffuse essential oils?

  1. Cotton pads
    Our diffuser locket range have cotton pads inside which effectively absorb and release essential oil molecules.
  1. Lava bead
    Our lava bead range uses the natural diffusing properties of porous lava stone to slowly diffuse essential oil scents throughout the day.

How long does the scent last?
The scent can last throughout the day. For a stronger scent, you can top up with a drop of essential oil every few hours.

How do I clean the bead/cotton pad? Can I change scents?

  1. Cotton pad
    Gently wash the used cotton pad with soap and warm water every few uses to clean oil residue. Let dry before applying more of your chosen essential oil.
  1. Lava bead
    Lava beads should be regularly cleaned every few uses to get rid of dirt and oil build up. Make a vinegar solution with warm water. Dip the corner of a washcloth in the solution and use it to gently scrub the bead. You can also use a toothbrush. After cleaning, wait until the bead is dry before applying more essential oil.

Can I wear this in the shower?

All our jewellery is made with tarnish free stainless steel. However, we recommend keeping your jewellery dry when possible to prolong its longevity, particularly for the rose gold plated pieces.

You can also use a polish cloth to care for your piece of jewellery.

I’ve run out of cotton pads! What can I do?

You can reorder cotton pads on our website. Just make sure you select the right size for your locket! You can also pick the colour that you want.

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