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Month: May 2021

All-Purpose Cleaner With Essential Oils

Cleaning with essential oils is a natural alternative to commercial cleaning products which are rife with chemicals and synthetics. Essential oils are also potent plant extracts with powerful cleaning properties. Not only do they clean, essential oils also make your home smell great! Keep your household safe this flu season with nature’s natural defenders. Make …

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Love is in the Air

Need a little something to spice up the atmosphere? Many essential oils are said to set the mood for romance. Diffuse the essential oils for ambience. Love Our Certified Organic blend is specially formulated to lift the mood and inspire passion. Promote meaningful emotional connections with this exhilarating blend of fruity orange and sweet patchouli. …

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Essential Oils in Your Skincare Routine

We’re all striving for that perfect glowing skin – moisturised and clear. Did you know that essential oils can help you achieve just that? Essential oils are an all-natural alternative to commercial products which can contain synthetics. Most essential oils have antiseptic properties to a degree, while some are antibacterial. Some essential oils are anti-inflammatory …

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