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Why Use An Ultrasonic Diffuser?

There are so many different air freshening, air purifying and fragrance products on the market. It can be overwhelming to juggle the pros and cons of each one. We’ve compared our aroma diffusers with the most popular products so you can make an informed decision about the product to suit your needs.

Candles are often used for ambience and fragrance. They can be great for setting the mood by providing dim lighting. However, the open flame means that candles cannot be left unattended and are not safe to use around children and pets. Some of our ultrasonic diffuser models have LED lighting features (which can be turned off) if you are looking for a lighting option. Some scented candles on the market are made with parafene, lead and benzene, which release toxins when burned. Because ultrasonic diffusers use a vibrating mechanism to release water vapour and oil molecules, no smoke is made, making it a much safer option. Also, scented candles only offer one fragrance whereas with an ultrasonic diffuser, you are able to switch out fragrances on a whim. Not only that, ultrasonic diffusers are more cost effective in the long run. It’s a one time purchase and only requires a few drops of oil for each session.

Air Fresheners
Air fresheners such as aerosols or plug-ins can contain synthetics called ‘parfum,’ petrochemicals or other solvents. Some of these chemicals can irritate your respiratory system or even cause cancer. Essential oils on the other hand, are completely natural and can purify the air to make breathing easier. In addition, the scent of aerosols fade quickly whereas diffusers provide a potent scent continuously until the water runs out, which can be up to 8 hours!

Incense sticks are usually made from plant-based materials that give off a strong scent when burned. However, they typically only last for an hour, and cannot be left unattended. Incense sticks also leave ash to be cleaned up afterwards. Many of the aromatic ingredients in incense sticks such as cinnamon, frankincense and patchouli are available in essential oil form and can be diffused instead.

Reed diffusers
Reed diffusers are made of a porous wood which absorbs oil and diffuses it continuously. Reed diffusers can also add to your interior décor when placed on a shelf or coffee table. While this is a much safer option, reed diffusers are not suitable for a quick burst of fragrance, or for changing the scent.

While similar, diffusers and humidifiers have different purposes. Whereas diffusers are designed to release essential oil molecules into the air, humidifiers regulate the moisture level in the room. Humidifiers can be used in dry climates to increase moisture levels but are usually not designed to be used with essential oils. If you are looking for the benefits of aromatherapy, or to add fragrance to your home, an ultrasonic diffuser is more suitable.

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