Blog 22 - love is in the air

Love is in the Air

Need a little something to spice up the atmosphere? Many essential oils are said to set the mood for romance. Diffuse the essential oils for ambience.

Our Certified Organic blend is specially formulated to lift the mood and inspire passion. Promote meaningful emotional connections with this exhilarating blend of fruity orange and sweet patchouli. Dispel negative feelings and nurture your relationships.

Encourage feelings of vitality and sensuality with this sweet floral blend. Light up your senses and ignite passion with fresh citric notes of orange and grapefruit. Mellow notes of patchouli and ylang ylang ground your mind and body, making the most of the present moment.

Ylang Ylang
Intoxicate your senses with the heady sweet scent of ylang ylang. Known to relax and soothe, ylang ylang can also alleviate anxiety and promote positive emotions. Elevate the mood in the bedroom with this sensual floral essential oil.  

Clary sage
Well connected to the female cycle, clary sage is also known to inspire passion and feelings of sexuality. Its musky herbal scent sets an uplifting atmosphere that improves the mood and self-esteem.

Diffuse this rich earthy scent to promote pleasurable feelings and enhance the atmosphere for relaxation. Ground your mind, body and spirit and nurture a sense of confidence.


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