Feeling Your Best During a Global Pandemic

The stresses and anxieties about the global pandemic can weigh us down. Coupled with restrictions that limit our time outdoors, we can feel locked in and helpless. It is important that we do not neglect self-care during these trying times and remember to connect with nature. Take a much deserved break and pick up your mood with our Certified Organic essential oil blends range. The Certified Organic accreditation means that the blends are free of pesticides and synthetics and have passed the strict certification checks of the Australian Certified Organic Standard. The variety of blends, handcrafted by aromatherapists and scent specialists, will deliver targeted therapeutic benefits and envelop you in the wonders of nature.


So what can the blends do for you? We’ve highlighted their benefits below as well as different ways to use them to your advantage!


Blissful Moment

Bask in a revitalising blend of citric lime and sweet orange overlaying a mild sandalwood. Rediscover your mind’s creativity and inspire an uplifting mood by diffusing this intoxicating blend in your home. Simply add 4-8 drops to your ultrasonic diffuser to elevate the mood.



Clear your airways and clear your mind with mild cedarwood lifted by the sharper tones of peppermint and rosemary. This blend is perfect for when you need to refresh and enliven your senses after a long day. Apply this diluted to your pressure points and breathe in the richness of nature anywhere.



Lighten a tired mind and promote optimism with this blend of citrus and florals. Lavender will ease away your worries and chamomile will calm your senses while the tangy notes of sweet orange promote positive emotions. Try a relaxing aromatherapy bath by diluting a few drops of this blend with a vegetable carrier oil.



Energise yourself at the end of the day with a refreshing fusion of citrus and menthol notes. Top notes of revitalising lemon will boost your spirits and clarifying peppermint will sharpen your mental concentration. Combat fatigue by placing a few drops of Focus onto cotton balls and leaving them around the house.



A tantalising blend of sweet and citrus to set the mood for romance. Inspire deep emotional connections with sweet notes of orange and ylang ylang to foster feelings of euphoria, mellowed by musky patchouli to relax. Create a tranquil and uplifting atmosphere easily indoors with an ultrasonic diffuser.


Sleep Well

Get a good night’s sleep with a relaxing blend of frankincense to calm, lavender to promote sleep and cinnamon to enhance the mood. Specially formulated to create the ideal sleeping environment, this blend will soothe your mind and allow you to feel truly at ease. Place a drop or two of Sleep Well on the underside of your pillow.



Stress Release

Let go of your worries and anxieties with a balancing blend of lavender and ylang ylang to generate positivity, tempered by the sedative effects of tea tree and bergamot. Stress Release is designed to help you unravel the tensions built up throughout the day and relax in the scent of nature at home. Try an aromatherapy massage with carrier oil to loosen your muscles while soothing your mind.



Take a few moments to recentre yourself and ground your mind in the present with this calming blend. Uplifting floral notes of lavender and German chamomile are complemented by earthy scents of cedarwood and sandalwood to deliver the ultimate meditative experience. Unwind anywhere and deodorise your environment by making an easy room spray by adding a few drops to water.

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