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blog 9 - sustainability

Improve Sustainability In Your Home

We all need to do our part for the environment. Our current way of life is unsustainable, and the earth simply cannot handle our never-ending demands. Here, at Acacia Aromatherapy, we embrace nature’s potential and realise that the environment must be valued and preserved for future generations.

So what are some lifestyle changes to our households we can commit to?

  • Grow your own food

Starting your own veggie garden has so many benefits! Not only are you saving money on grocery bills, you’re also making sure that your family is eating organic, home grown food. Commercially produced crops contribute to carbon emissions and possible environmental degradation. By growing your own, you know exactly where the food has come from, and whether or not they’ve been treated with pesticides and other chemicals.

  • Compost

Food waste can be converted into an organic, chemical-free fertiliser for your veggie garden. Composting can divert waste from landfill, where it produces greenhouse gas emissions, and instead, return it back to the earth.

  • Switch to reusables

From daily coffee cups to plastic bags from the grocers, it’s easy to see just how dependent we are on plastic. Plastic may be convenient, but it is far from sustainable. Plastic that ends up in the environment does not biodegrade, and can cause many problems in local ecosystems. Invest in a reusable coffee cup (some places even offer discounts if you BYO cup), pack your lunches in containers rather than zip lock bags, and buy a durable water bottle. 

  • Recycle and dispose of waste properly

Recycling things grants new life to materials. From extraction to manufacturing to transportation, every item in your household has embodied carbon emissions. Recycling properly can prevent all this effort from going to waste. Make sure you know which materials can be recycled by your local council, and the appropriate disposal method of potentially toxic materials.

  • Drive less

Sometimes it’s as simple as opting to walk a couple blocks, rather than taking the car. Cycling is not only sustainable, it also keeps you fit and healthy. Public transportation is another option and fairly accessible in urban areas.

  • Reduce household usage

By watching our water and electricity bills, we can reduce utility bills and reduce our household emissions. Things like leaky faucets, or malfunctioning toilets may seem like minor inconveniences, but can actually drive up your usage in the long term. Try to be conscious of simple things like shortening shower times and turning off lights after leaving a room.  We’ve only mentioned a couple of things you can do to improve sustainability on a household level. The changes may seem insignificant, but everyone committing to these changes together would drastically change our environmental outlook.

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