Blog 11 - let's get organised

Let’s Get Organised!

We’re all prone to a little clutter in our homes once in a while. It’s hard to decide where to even start. But the clutter can get in the way of our work, making us less productive and less organised. Getting to work in a clean workspace is so much more easier and efficient.

To get started, diffuse your favourite oils to set the mood for focus and energy. Our Rejuvenate blend is perfect for getting things done and maximising productivity. We’ve set out some tips for each area of the house. You could tidy these areas one at a time over a week so you don’t get too overwhelmed!

It’s easy to make your bedroom feel organised and welcoming. Simply make your bed in the morning! Tuck in your sheets, lay out your blanket and covers, and fluff up your pillows. The second source of clutter in your room is your nightstand. Get rid of anything you don’t use and straighten out your essentials.

Set aside the clothes you have not worn in over a year, and if they’re in good condition, donate them! You want to keep clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. Everyday wear should be visible and easily accessible, whereas occasion clothing can be stored higher up or further inside. Organise by type, style or colour, whatever works best for you!

Look through all your things so you can get rid of unwanted, expired or unusable items before organising. Items that are rarely used can go into a storage closet to free up space in the bathroom. For all the items that are left, store them in storage bins, pull out drawers in different categories so you can find them more easily. For example, have makeup, skincare, oral hygiene and razors stored in different areas.

Living Room
Take a few minutes to straighten the pillows and pack away any toys or clutter that have taken over the living space. Your living room should be a place for entertainment and relaxation. Spice up your décor with a practical and stylish essential oil diffuser to help you truly feel at ease.

Clear out your kitchen counter and get rid of anything that does not belong in the kitchen. Next, go through each shelf on your pantry and throw out expired foods. Unwanted foods can be donated or composted. The rest of your foods can be reorganised and grouped with similar food types. Foods used often can be placed on the middle shelves and towards the front in easy reach.

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