Blog 13 - Love Yourself

Love Yourself

When was the last time you sat down and really appreciated … yourself? As humans, we are quick to criticise and slow to praise ourselves. Instead, we nit-pick at everything we do, and nothing is ever quite up to our standards, But if we look at the flip side of the coin, look at the glass half full, we can cut ourselves a little slack and really acknowledge our efforts.

Our efforts don’t have to be monumental. Sometimes even waking up on time is an accomplishment. And our accomplishments should be recognised, no matter how small. Set aside some time every week to reflect on the good moments of the past week. Speak to yourself kindly, and with compassion.

Set the mood with essential oils that open up the soul and nurture self-love. Make the most of your meditation session with the perfect blend to uplift and harmonise. Here are some of our favourite blends for self-love and positive thoughts.

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