Blog 5 Photo - Top 7 essential oils for women

Top 7 Essential Oils For Women

Women face so many pressures in today’s fast paced world. Whether we’re participating in a competitive work environment, juggling with the many chores within the household, or caring for children or the elderly, women must battle so many life stresses. We can turn to nature to provide stress relief and emotional regulation. Some essential oils are especially attuned to our feminine side.

  1. Clary sage
    Clary sage is closely tied to feminine energy. The oil is known to regulate and balance female hormones and ease the symptoms of menopause. The oil is also calming, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Clary sage is thought to fortify self-esteem and uplift your mindset, leaving you with a more positive outlook.

  2. Geranium
    Not only can geranium oil help you smell good, it can also help you look good! Its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful as a skin care ingredient. Sweet and feminine, geranium is closely tied to hormonal balances and can promote calm and general healing. Geranium can improve your mood, chasing away negative emotions, and reducing fatigue.

  3. Sweet orange
    Sweet orange oil has an uplifting and refreshing aroma popular among many. The oil promotes general wellbeing and supports immune health. Sweet orange is also clarifying on the mind, helping to ease worries and aid concentration. Invigorate your senses and set an atmosphere of focus before getting to work.

  4. Basil
    Basil has a warm, spicy and nurturing aroma, perfect for a day of pampering. Basil has the dual effects of energising and enhancing mental clarity while also calming the mind. Not only that, basil oil is effective in purifying and cleansing the indoor environment. The oil is also used in skin care to brighten and even out complexion, and in hair care to soften and nourish the roots.

  5. Ylang ylang
    Ylang ylang, known for its rich floral scent, is excellent at promoting positive emotions and setting the mood for romance. Ylang ylang can also ease tension and reduce negative feelings such as stress and anxiety. The oil promotes positive and optimistic emotions by uplifting the mood.  Ylang ylang can also be used cosmetically in skincare and haircare to regulate sebum production.

  6. Bergamot
    Citrusy and refreshing, bergamot oil is useful in purifying the air and facilitating clear breathing. The oil can be used to de-odorise the indoors and set a fresh and invigorating atmosphere. Bergamot has stimulating effects on the mind and body, and can alleviate stress and negative emotions.

  7. Lavender
    Lavender is an incredibly versatile essential oil with a range of properties and uses. Lavender is a mood tonic and can bring stress relief. While relaxing the mind, lavender can simultaneously calm and ease tension in the body. Lavender can also promote positive emotions and encourage better quality sleep.
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