Blog 15 - essential oil gifts

Using Essential Oils To Spice Up Your Gifts

Essential oils can add that extra something to your gifts, and really let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Our sense of smell is connected to the emotional processing and memory formation part of our brain. Imagine if you could harness this connection in your gifts!

You can make perfumed papers with essential oils. The great thing is that you can choose the scent you want. For example, a letter on mother’s day could be scented with floral tones like geranium or lavender, or your mum’s favourite flower. A birthday card could be uplifting with citrus notes. A Christmas card could be spicy. Simply place a drop of essential oil onto the corner of the card before sealing.

Personalised bookmarks are just as simple. Cut decorative paper into the shape you want and place a drop of your chosen essential oil onto it. Seal it overnight in a plastic bag. You could also tie a ribbon through the top and thread lava beads or rosewood beads so you can change the scent later.

Perfumed sachets are so easy to make. Not only are they super cute and fun gifts, they’re also practical. They can be used to refresh places like the wardrobe or bathroom. All you need is a tea bag, some dried herbs or flowers, essential oils, and some twine or ribbon to tie it together. If you don’t have dried herbs or flowers, you can use uncooked rice or cotton balls instead.

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